About Us

North America Foodservice Equipment Limited is your premier restaurant equipment manufacturer, specializing in refrigeration equipment. We can manufacture all your stainless steel equipment needs. From the back of the house to the front of the house. We are a design build company and we can design your kitchen layout. We have an inside CAD designer that can help facilitate your needs.

Founded and established by Mr. Peter Govedaris and Mr. Kostas Govedaris. It has remained a family run company and is now proud to boast over 40 years of experience to all its valued customers.

They believed simply no customer was too big or small, and no detail was to be overlooked. The family continues to drive the success of the business by following the legacy that has been left behind.

The business specializes working side by side with the customer, fabricating any custom equipment order through designers or consultant’s specifications and plans. Not only do we fulfill the “custom” orders for our clients with our “one on one” approach, but none surpass our standard line of stainless steel equipment.

We also ensure all your custom orders are guaranteed to fit any site requirement. Customers can feel secure about any order as we offer to travel to the job site prior to commencing work. This is to ensure accurate field measurements and templates thus leaving no details overlooked.

Striving and successfully always innovating our approach to the Food Service Industry, we are also proud to boast the one stop solution for all your needs. With providing high quality manufacturing solutions for restaurant kitchen equipment suited to your individual needs, we also provide a vast selection of catalogue equipment.

We have capacity to store the equipment ordered and deliver it simultaneously with your custom orders. And our service to you does not end there.. We will gladly un-crate, assemble and set up orders for you. Our professional on site delivery staff will ensure all polishing and required field joints are done to perfection on site, leaving you only with a picture perfect set up.